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Just about all relational databases utilize the SQL language for querying objects and related information. But some are web-based, others are not. Some are cross-platform, others are not. The open-source community edition includes a pluggable storage engine, MySQL replication, partitioning, connectors and a ton of other features.

It can run on just about every platform and operating system you can think of. Open source, mature, robust and great developer and community support. It works across many platforms and is easy to start working with.

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The tool has reviews on G2 Crowd, averaging 4. It powers gigantic apps like Uber, WordPress and Facebook.

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But for high-volume sites, the enterprise offerings may be better suited to meet your requirements. It comes with development tools, management tools and Azure backup and restore. In several years I have never had problems with Sql Server. For small workloads, up to 10 Gb has free express version with all the features most used. It has reviews, averaging 4. The tool has fewer small-business users compared to MySQL. Those span tons of industries, but IT and SaaS companies were its largest clients. Though it is not quite as old or widely used, it has still been around for more than 20 years and powers giant corporations like ADP, Fujitsu and Cisco.

According to its site, 30 percent of tech companies use PostgreSQL as the core for applications as of Some of its core features include table inheritance, nested transactions and asynchronous replication. PostgreSQl is a great piece of open-source software that handles the storing, processing and extraction of large spatial and non -spatial datasets incredibly well. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this piece of software. Teradata Database — Offers free developer edition that includes a preconfigured database, row-level security and virtual deployment capabilities.

Features include database server, analytics and microservice architecture. HANA Express edition provides that opportunity. Unlike SQL database servers, document databases store all data available, not just sets designated by the programmer. It was launched in , but already has more than 30 million downloads, according to its site. Corporations like Expedia, Forbes and MetLife use it to store and manage their sensitive information. Its core features are indexing, ad hoc querying and high-availability data replication.

Using the Morphia open-source library, we can easily map our Java classes and persist them in MongoDB in the same 'shape' making it very intuitive to understand and optimize the data design. The tool has user reviews, averaging 4. Only 11 of those are not 4- or 5-star ratings. Most of its users come from IT and software companies but span evenly across company size. It was developed by open-source giant Apache and released in Some of its core features are ACID Semantics, offline editing and a distributed architecture perfect for data replication.

The tool has 41 reviews on G2 Crowd, averaging 3.

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Almost all of those, 30 out of 40, are from small-business users. But today it has the second-highest rating in the category. The free offering allows applications to handle up to million requests per month, 2.

Most of the paid offerings are scalable depending on application usage. The tool has 24 reviews on G2 Crowd, averaging 3. Most users came from small and mid-market companies, with 10 reviews for each. Fourteen of its total reviews came from users in technology-related industries.

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Features include real-time updates, dynamic schemas and web-based administration as a free online database. It has a wonderful built in visualization tooling and works across many different server types.

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Graph Database software solutions are another NoSQL type database that use graph structures for semantic queries. ArangoDB is probably the most popular graph database used today. It was published in and fits in a number of categories on our site including graph and document databases.

Its core functionality is divided into three parts for document, graph and cluster datasets.

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  8. Its graph features include pattern matching, distributed graphs and nested properties. It also is open source, has a strong and growing community, and tremendous technical support. The performance is also stellar and they offer a unique solution to horizontally scaling graph databases. It has 22 reviews, averaging 4. The PostgreSQL mailing lists enable you to interact with active community participants on subjects related to the development of PostgreSQL, discovering how to use PostgreSQL, or learning about upcoming events and product releases.

    In order to manage your mailing list subscription, you need a PostgreSQL community account. Signing up is easy and gives you direct access to the global PostgreSQL community. Want to learn more about PostgreSQL and help build the community? The PostgreSQL community takes pride in releasing software that will reliably store your data. If you believe you've discovered a bug, please click the button below and follow the instructions on how to submit a bug. New to PostgreSQL? Browse Events Browse User Groups. PGDU , early bird registration closing soon!

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