How to change Mac app icons

Some people prefer Icon view; I tend to use List view a lot.

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To set the current Finder window to List view, select View, as List from the Finder menu, or use the Finder toolbar to select the second button it looks like a page with lines in the View group. List view is compact, displaying each item in the window as an entry in a list. Think of a spreadsheet with rows and columns. Actually, there are a number of column types you can have displayed in list view, which brings us to how to customize the list view. The iCloud status column is only available when using the iCloud storage service.

Comments: Shows any comments that have been entered for the file. Comments can be entered by right-clicking a file, selecting Get Info, and adding text to the Comments field. Use relative dates: This allows the use of terms such as Today or Yesterday instead of actual dates in any of the date-related columns.

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Calculate all sizes: Forces your Mac to calculate the size of all folders and any subfolders they contain; the size is then displayed in the Size column. This can take some time, so unless you have a need to know the size of all the folders, I suggest leaving this disabled.

How To Change Finder Icon On MAC

Show icon preview: List view makes use of small thumbnail icons that can be set to show a preview of the item. The Best Use for List View List view offers a lot of information about each item in a Finder window, and does so using a compact view that puts the most amount of information in as small a place as possible.

How to Change the Finder Dock Icon in Mac OS X

With the customization options available, you can choose which information is important to you and which can be hidden, taking up less space. List view is best when you need to sort the information in a window by any of the column heads. Simply click on a column head to sort by the column head property, such as Size or Kind. Tip : Sort the List view by Date Modified, and the files you most recently used will appear at the top of the window.

How can I show a list of my photos or videos with dimensions?

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I want to clean up and remove those below a certain level. If your images are located in your Pictures folder, you can add a Dimension as well as a Resolution column to the Finder. Right-click any of the columns and place a checkmark on the Dimension or Resolution items. The columns will be added at the far right of the window.

You can drag them to where you wish. Thank you. I had to change the folder name for this to work. Seems odd that the name of the folder determines which attributes can show up. The sidebar font size can be changed from the General preference pane. Use the Dropdown menu named Sidebar icon size.

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This will also change the size of the text and icons in the Mail app. What determines the size of a Finder window when you open it? Also, I like to have 6 separate Finder windows open on my screen. Is there any app that will let me instantly open them all simultaneously at the same size and arrangement every time?

True, Apple does impose strict rules on how the interface looks and acts, but in between all that, there are countless potential lost hours just adorning your system with new wallpaper and icons.