Why pay money for a baby monitor when you can use a pair of old phones instead?

You can check on your baby while you are away. Set it up in whichever room you want and you can check on him while on date night. Spy on the grandparents while they are babysitting. Night vision 4. More than one person can view the baby. You can add anyone to the monitor as long as they have the application on their device and they create their own account.

So the sitter can use the monitor simultaneously while you are using it. Another great feature is that you can limit other users on what they can do. You can speak to your baby. Although if confused him when I did it. He just sat there and stared at the camera. You can listen to him when you press the button. We have an audio monitor that plugs into the wall so we don't use this feature.

Plays music sort of 8. You can record something funny the baby does while sleeping. What I do not like is: 1.

You cannot mount it 2. To add more songs, they have to be in mp3 format, which is not the format that comes with itunes. The next song doesn't start after the first one ends. You cannot have them on repeat. So basically, you have to babysit the monitor and play the next song after each one ends.

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The music feature is a big deal for me since I normally have a playlist that is on repeat all night long. I guess I will have to get a cd player. The motion sensor is ultra sensitive, even with the sensitivity on low. We get motion alerts all the time when he doesn't appear to be moving. This monitor is not compatible with MAC!! Hello, it's called iBaby. You would think all Apple devices would be compatible. Overall I like the monitor, but there are some things they can definitely improve. Top critical review. This is a great product with two major flaws. Pros - -very easy setup make sure you are using the 2.

I think people can run emulators for android to get it to work but on OSX I haven't had any luck albeit with very little effort. This makes it very difficult to use on a shelf above the crib. Ours is above the door on a shelf of it's own and we had to prop it up with paint stir sticks to get it to see the entire bed on the other side of the room. This wouldn't be a problem if they had wall mounting hardware but they do not and with the way it connects I do not believe it will be able to be mounted sideways so that it would ever be able to look down. Parents are supposed to limit exposure to blue light wavelengths for at least 30 minutes some studies say longer before the child is supposed to be going to bed.

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Now, we have a wifi indicator which irregularly flashes a bright blue LED all night in our daughter's room. In a dark room it's a pretty significant light. So they apparently make units without the blue light but decided to put it in for some units. Note, there is already a wifi indicator light next to the plug in the back. It is read and flashing when it is connecting or not connected to a network and glows green when it's connected. This is fine, it's not distractingly bright, and green light is fine for sleep.

I cannot get them to explain to me why they put in a redundant wifi indicator in a horrible color for sleep. Their remedy was to tape over the entire bottom of the unit the area responsible for heat dissipation and where the speakers are located. I would return the unit if I could but we got it 3 months before our daughter was born and we are past the point of return.

This may seem minor, but if you have a white shelf that it sits on, white walls or a white ceiling, then the the unit will light up the entire corner. This is such as easy fix for them. If they fix this and the wall mount issue then it would be a 5 star item. I gave it two stars instead of one because it has a lot of good qualities if you use it during the day. Black, non-reflective tape on the surface it sits on will help reduce the blue, flashing light. Sort by. Top rated Most recent Top rated.

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Verified Purchase. There was a problem loading comments right now. The manufacturer commented on this review What's this? You can get work done on your laptop while your child sleeps. Cons: You need two different Skype or Google accounts to make it work. It can be tricky to set up if the baby is already sleeping, as laptops are large and awkward to place. One final word of warning: Keep an eye on battery levels and cellular data limits. Please try again. Give us a little more information and we'll give you a lot more relevant content.

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Girl Boy Other Not Sure. Add A Child. Check in on your little one from literally anywhere, the iBaby Care M7 is a great pick. The feature-packed M7. Every aspect of this monitor helps you do your number one job: take care of your baby. This is a baby monitor, and a solid one at that.

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The M7 is a baby-centric Wi-Fi monitoring device with more features than the competition. Keeping a watchful eye on your baby via your smartphone has never been easier than with the iBaby Monitor.. A feature-rich app, an easy-to-control camera, and extras like push-to-talk and music playback make the M6T our top baby monitor pick. Join the iBaby Family!